Thursday, August 12, 2010

slaving like the bitch i am

as per usual- i'm too busy. it sucks so bad. I've got 5 things to shoot this weekend. my main job on Sunday. the ekka and surely many more things that will consume all of my time. sure i love getting shoots and earning money and what not but i need more jacob time.

alot has happened in the last 6 months. I've gone from posting nightly, staying on top of my photo bank, getting shacked usually twice a week to struggling to post once every three days (while harboring more desire to post than ever), having 6 months of photos backlogged and finding waves once a fortnight.

so to begin the end of this epically tasteless whinge i thought i'd mention how much i enjoy the other things. like my friends, charlie, shooting... and working at goodtime- which i find strange. I've gone from asking to not work more than 2 days to working at least 4 a week. I'm slowly earning and learning more and more about life under the Austen Matriarch that rules over the premises .

i think all i need is balance (like i tried to obtain in this post with smiles and tears) i need to start bailing on people more and making sure i can please myself because: how could i possibly please others if self-love is not overwhelmingly present at all times- in the non arrogant kind of way.

here's to work!

and the the 1.98 meter long Vans shoe we're about to receive.


ciao gang