Monday, August 2, 2010

smiling through times of business

i like smiling, if i had to list my favourite things- smiling would certainly have a solid place in the top three.

the best bit is that it's really not that hard! i consider myself as one who receives smiles far too easy- for example, right now i'm living in my own house (renting with my brother- who is a better sibling than i could've dream of), uploading a digital photo i took with my pretty epic dslr, through the interwebs, while looking a pictures like this and listening to Godspeed (LISTEN TO THIS SONG!!) on my Grados- all the while sitting on my free directors chair (thanks charlie :D) and eating a meal prepared for my boss by Ken Talbot's personal chef... so definitely no complaints!! I'm pretty sure (besides from tonight's luck and bringing all things that are good together into one orgy of smile) the way i manage smiles on a regular basis is by never being bored- thanks to plentiful hobbies, sweet friends, an even sweeter lady pal and a general lack of time thanks to work, waves and photos!

from my short and extremely sweet existence the one thing i can truly grasp is that if we don't have hobbies- we descend into pastimes that are absolutely no benefit.

this guy is a pretty good example, he plays guitar every weekend on the corner of brunswick and mclachlan- everytime i've walked past he's been smiling! even when he's got no money or it's cold or he's getting abused by painfully drunk fools.

Clearly his priority is the smile and he knows how to get them


get smiling creeps, otherwise i'll knock your block off.