Tuesday, August 10, 2010

you know you're dealing with a good supplier when their call waiting is forever looping bepop

it's also great to know that this supplier in note is a photographic distributor whom i shall be finally scoring MY OWN FLASH for the first time since i broke my second one back in February.

luckily I've been kept sane through hire and borrowing.

thanks friendly lenders (Myles especially)!!!!!

but to the point! i got to shoot a wide angle on the weekend on a trip i took to the out west regions. the lens was full of hilarity!! sooo much hilarity that it was a perpetually hilarious! I think, assuming that i don't break anymore shit in between now and Vietnam (December) and i can put aside decent speeding money for numerous fine tailed suits, i plan on buying a wide of some description. hopefully second hand and amazing but both of which i'll doubt will be achieved.

who knows!

moving onto my second, related point, i went to kingaroy on the weekend. I went there on the weekend with the forever dissapointing amazing Charmly! Get the whole scoop here! when i say whole, i really mean whole and when i say scoop i really mean detail than i can remember.

this photo was shot through aforementioned lens of the aforementioned lady pal.