Thursday, October 7, 2010

since monday pt. I - work buds

since Monday I've done lots of work! basically that's all I've done and I've also been doing alot of dinner/organising life/going through photos. In this time I've accrued quite a few shots from during the times I've not been doing anything... consequently they're basically all from work so I've decided to split them up!!!

(check how many times i said i've!!)

below are photos of my work buds and even more below are the generals..

on a Goodtime related note I've been planning on doing a gnarly Goodtime post at some stage in the future so at the moment I'm just accruing glory shots to use in conjunction with a fitting rant.. until that time meet the following.


_MG_0204 (6)



_MG_0213 (11)

_MG_0214 (12)

GLORY! have a nice weekend yo