Tuesday, November 2, 2010

saturday night

yeah Saturday night was definitely full of intrigue.. I ventured into port office and embassy for the first time since 2007 for some nightlife stuff which made the night a pretty lame one up to the point i disembarked from the embassy to make tracks back to the valley to pick up ze Charles. The glory of night came like it normally does when i track down Myles' locale and we meet up for some great chill times, however this time we took it too the next level and indulged in chills until sunrise on his sundeck... It was a pretty glorious evening and morning which was followed by a coast trip for some quick barrels!

oh and i thought i'd fixed the R4 by pumping the DOFP but that only seems to work when there's no film so i learnt that one the slightly expensive way.. i really need to fix this thing so the 24 2.8 doesn't just rot away :((( so all the road trip photos are stuck in the r4 still which will probably never get developed :/












this is with the telyt 1160m f/13.6 which i also shot with a lot over the course of today, it's very fun but way too hard.