Thursday, November 25, 2010

yeah im a big deal

so it's my 21st birthday today and i slept in and told work i wanted the day off, to which agreeance was the reply. So i'm back at home partially naked with dubspress in hand living the good life but there are duties to be done! The most important being hard drive related! You see my qualm is a lack of space and a relatively rapidly expanding catalogue of photos, it's gotten to the point where I've been shooting in small jpeg in order to maximise photo holding potential! So i've decided that the best way to ward off the ever depleting capacity i'll be going back through my annals, from day one of d90, and making sure that i've dealt with everything that needs dealing with so i can put them on my external and forget! a great plan i feel.. the only real qualm is theres a pretty big chance the photos will be lame due to the inevitability of ones talent progression, which im guessing will make this a pretty easy task hahah

these two are from general wave haunting times with steve yesterday.