Monday, December 13, 2010

bustling while im hustling


today we flew out of the peacful ancient country side town of Hoi An and into Hanoi, the nations capital and second largest city... Comparing the first days of this trip i spent in Saigon (largest city) and here, it's like comparing deathcore to western. I only arrived here earlier tonight, and had a quick roam for some foods, but i'm already certain these last few days spent over here will be amazing! The city is insane, the people are so much different and the best scenery in the country (arguable, but i'm sticking to this) is within driving distance.. I'll keep posting but its slow on this mouseless, photoshopless laptop of speeds rivalling a fat couple getting ridden around on a cyclo. I've got a few rolls to get done and i plan on finding somewhere to do this for me at some stage tomorrow, and stock up on film @ around $1.20 a roll......