Wednesday, December 15, 2010

proliferation of good times


today we went to halong bay, which was nothing short of amazing but not what i was hoping for.. the day i'd hoped involved a sunny sky, lots of epic scenery, good food and rockclimbing. i only checked the scenery box but that was enough for it to be a sick day!! i'm tired though and as tsomorrow's my last day over here i plan on waking up for a sweet hotel buffet and then getting my roam on so i must bid you farewell right this very instant. ciao.

shots from various stages of today.. i just realised that, even with this relatively constant updating and deletion i wont have enough memory at home to clear my card! thus adding to my tearfully time-raping backlog! the idea of never ever being bored ever again is comforting though....







on the drive today i listened through the la dispute catalogue for the xth time.. i'd say that i've (happily) devoted more listening time to this band than any other. even to the point where i'd consider them the frontrunner in my favourite band of all time (which changes daily) the song below is as good as any but one that i particularly enojyed today so it made the decision easy.. this track is a particularly good display of the ludicrously mind-blowingly great warrior poetry that gets spewed out in every track..

i have and will continue to be sure that the biggest regret in my life is not seeing these guys last year.. i'm excited for this weight to be alleviated when they return to australia in january.

i got very distratced...