Friday, January 7, 2011

dan cho film le

i've decided that i should put my photo doing time into what i got in my Vietnam trip. i had a randomised to look through and i'm pretty excited by some of them!

my sister about to board the Brisbane to Singapore leg. Singapore airlines are great!! they had so much glorious media and food/beverages for me to consume.


i got a middle seat so i didn't get any nice shots on the plane (trivia: this is the first photo i've ever taken overseas :D) this dude was hanging out inside Changi airport post bathroom stop.. the bathrooms have an electronic survey by the door so you can rate their toilets 5/5 and make them feel good (btw, they were nothing short of 5/5)


my brother elliot preparing for some cross country scooter shredding!!


casual scooter stop


i couldn't put the marley's bad boys (moreso will smith in his glory days) out of my head when i shot this