Sunday, January 23, 2011

attained glory

Tonight has been pretty good! Full of photos, shredboarding and good news. I even did some ad's for goodtime, think microsoft paint production.... I went through some photos i shot last night, portrait stuff for a windsurfing company. The shoot was fun and the results were better than i expected. I was pretty scared to be honest, I'd never shot something like this but i was just putting it on a pedastool! It was insanely casual and a great experience all round! Below is a test shot for those piqued.....

there's also two wavescapes from last sunday when the waves were pretty special, the best i can recall for a few years and the best i've ever had Kirra.... Taking photos of the surf is something i'll always want to do but never ever have enough time... this is a bigger qualm than most other time related qualms because my coastal visits are rare and when i do, it's for barrels!!! the unresolvable tear.

and in other good news, i was informed earlier this evening that i've been run in wakeboarder mag. I'll have to confirm this tomorrow... you think they'd ask me first though :/ don't get me wrong, I'm feeling childhood-esque amounts of elation!

and some assorteds from peats ridge.

Sean O'Brien