Wednesday, December 7, 2011

replace the word space with drink and forget it

Long term pal turn short term enemy of mine, the rain, has been qualming me into oblivion.  The enveloping nature of my skateboarding habit has begun to have unforeseen control over my levels of qualm but I've managed to sweep that out from my stoke-starved peripherals thanks to the acquisition of the family home for a period of time which will most likely lead to more home-time and therefore more creation.  Nevertheless, times will be ideal so long as the rain sends itself away in order to bring myself back.  I'm still getting abused by this Nicolas Jaar album, it's insanely good, I've listened to nothing else since monday morning.  I've shown it to a few people but have decided that is silly as it's music to be consumed wholly, appreciated for it's entirety and enjoyed for it's complete duration.

apart from the film shot and the mirror wig these are all very olddd, older then march 2010, pre BCH

creek of intrigue






i know that posting a single track is contradictory so here is the entire album but you should buy it from here

this is what i'm working on right now