Thursday, December 1, 2011

wholesale dubspress

I've been grounded tonight, not because of a parentally enforced embargo between me and the front door, but because I feel the need, the need to get things done.  Misc things, anything, who knows really?!  I don't..  It seems I've done nothing, except my room is clean which was not really worth it from where I sit now. 

I've long enjoyed dubspress, for many reason, obviously flavour being the greatest reason and price being the leastest reason but today my dreams came true upon gaining a wholesale supplier of it, oh yes, wholesale.  I also acquired my dream board after a few months of being patient and thankfully my patience paid off.  Although no amount of patience could dull the frustation that came after walking out the door and taking maybe 2 steps before it started raining, I tried to outrun it, enough for a single run but got teared!  I went to a carpark, it sucked.  But it's fine, I'll find a way to glory myself.

In opposition to the act of not doing things, my friend and I ventured out of Brisbane in search of nice locations and skatehills..  We found neither really but had a fun time anyway.  










we found a skatepark!