Tuesday, February 12, 2013


im off to new zealand on thursday morning which is pretty exciting.  i want to make it a time of self-guided glory within the realms of a guided skate tour bus and i think it will be easy because having everything sorted, form what i can tell, everything (apart form sleeping bag-note to self)  so i plan to just tranq it bigtime by shooting only bangers and skateboarding whenever the scenery is not so banging + i've not filmed anything in a while and i believe the plan is to make some rad video stuff too..  Gabe is coming and we've shot some stuff before and bobby will be lurking with us.   tomorrow i pack. wed i work.  thurs i go.  stoked

here are some fots, they're mostly representing the 2 avenues of life I am currently living; stoke and skateboarding.  The others are relating to entirely different things.

the dawg, he's also coming to NZ!


the chad


a shredder from byron/outskirts/notatall



casj times in the haunted shed


spids are tears



i need to find more music before i go