Wednesday, March 13, 2013

up to no good

here is a little GoPro video that i derived from 2 runs on the first hill we partook whilst touring NZ recently.  The forwards run with me was shot by my pal Gabe and the backwards run was shot by me...  when i say shot i mean wore the helmet and had a sick time.  Shot it on the gopro black 1080@30, worked a charm!  Kinda wish i'd shot in super bulk 2.7 but its a hassle and normally ends up corrupted, wooo gopro.   There's more to come, from slrs and gopros, but that's all being edited by Matt, dude in no shoes!, and will be out soon enough.   It's long and tranq, dont expect to be blasted away, it's best viewed as a stoketually progressive journey in which we travel hand-in-hand with gravity in an effort to oppose the unlimited powers of elevation.  Comes in a wide variety of p's... choose your own adventure.