Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the j hole and my imminent indulgence

EPOCH!  I'm at cairns lurkport, struggling with my eye's colour correction and the amount of coffee I have assumed.  Everything around me is green, the walls are green, the floor is green and the big panes of green tinted glass are especially green.  If I keep my eyes on the screen my brain manages to get it together and provide me with white whites, if i look away the screen goes magenta (in my peripherals) and stays like that for a while.  It's wiggidy, I've seen it before too.  One time I emptied the cars out of my garage, blacked it out, put speakers down there, 4 day beds, a smoke machine and one of those super rad structural party lazers, a classic case of too much green,  Whenever I managed to escape the wig dungeon I was not at all escaping, i was merely leaving the green world for the magenta world.  Not that these problems are ever problems but right now I am trying to go through the last day of photos from my NZ trip (yaya!!!)  just in time for another onslaught of visual intrigue.  

This time I want to take a pseudo-bulk amount of photos, in the sense that I want a 75% shot ratio.  Thus I've brought 2 film bodies and my bag of films.  I've also figured that my wireless party can is perfectly casj with both of these film bodies.  No excuses lamb.   I bought a domain name (well my buddies bought it, I'll buy it later) for my website, its going to be which i am stoked about.  

I am now 100% excited.  大きな山はどこですか !!?

Here are some b+w, one of these rolls which I got developed last week, is over a year old D: D:  

no time to proofread, missing my plane !

gung ho dudes, trying to do a band shoot.  had 3 studio heads and ended up using only 1, set to lowest possible modeling lamp.


Venice Beach Nike store, where i bought my current shoes, my most favourite shoes ever.  (and probably outlast vans 5 pairs to 1)


Thomas in the trunk of AmDrem, also Venice beach.


Kody Noplay



On the testicle facility, myself and Jordan were photo lurking all arvo.  twas rad.  i enjoy this lightleak immensely.


Will B atop Hyuna Picchu, trying to avoid some extremely bad weather.


not at all caf/i can believe it's not butter.


here's some colour to blow your eyes