Saturday, November 29, 2014

adventures atop the southern hemisphere's largest shield volcano caldera

i just had a moment.  i was looking at this picture.... 


and i decided to get some insight, as even my very limited knowledge of the zone in which we were in, hinted at it's environmental importance.  I was familiar with the volcano, the Gondwana Rainforest and the zone's biodiversity- thanks to the post-volcano fertility and the obviously rich landscape but I'm no expert, infact i quickly realised i could never have imagined the fucking immensity of this location.  How was I to know I was standing in a Rainforest that dates back to when there were only 2 continents, somewhere in the range of 250-500 million years ago....  


Lucas George Herrington- top tier dude.

So i kept reading with a penchant for specificity and as I made my knowledge more finite i realised, once again, probably for the too many times to admit, that I live in paradise.. not only that but there is a rainforest, beginning only 1.5 hours from my city that i could easily spend a lifetime in.  




cleansing the enfilthment and mud stained skin from the previous nights adventure with a silent spa 


my pants ft. mud.... this trip is when/were i fell in love with 'mud' as a term of endearment..  Mate/Mud etcetc.

fuck all this ethical turbulence relating to my photography, the reason i started this and fell head over heels was the lack of ethics, the power to express and document the things i enjoy, love and value.   my ethos of casj does not have time for wigging because what i love about photography is the incentive to explore, worrying about how my clients are expressing my work is only going to do me harm, both emotionally and professionally.