Wednesday, October 7, 2009


this has been a week from hell.. to give u an idea, one of many on-par annoyances would be having my lens fall out of its bag, which was wedged in my jacket pocket, into the deep dark depths of the brisbane river (swamp?) so here are the last set of images you'll ever see from my beloved kit lens (first slr lens ive ever used :(- i kinda wanted to keep that thing forever.) i hope you enjoy these as much i do..

there is a whole other photograph in the lens of those.... gay sunnies
on the night, this did not appear strange..
hey how did u take a photo of yourself mister blog man? i didn't

repping for life, apparently there is a new one coming out :O!?
i enjoy this photo
it says- 'the reading house'

Angry car is actually a 60 degree rotation from the reading house, lazy photography wins at life
The last photo that my precious 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 mkI would ever expose. but at least the fish lived!! slightly blinder than before but living none the less