Wednesday, October 21, 2009

those gypsies probably got knives

damn them and their walnut shells and marbles

but on a whole yesterday was pretty good! mostly due to a sweet shoot Kane and i had last night at a sweet little spot.. I'm not gonna lie- i miss my old lens :( don't get me wrong- fisheye is pretty fun, but its a pain in the ass!.. so here's some more shots through wanda of our mellow shoot last night. enjoy?

hang spot.. hahahahah?


i love these pipes

if only they were open at the ends

dirts eye view

this blog seems to tranforming a bit into more of a rant blog- but not too worry!
i think tonight i'll treat myself to the go getter while designing a tribute to my life

best movie

i need to get this camera working! instead of just looking at it :(
my sister helped take this- hopefully i can mold her into a sweet photography assistant..