Tuesday, October 27, 2009


so here i am, less than a day after postponing getting my rant fix...

first up, this album The Antlers - Hospice, is one of the most amazing things i've ever heard.. but if you are going to get it, please do yourself the favour of picking a time that will let u listen to the whole thing over, and then some. but not only that! you need to be in a good mood cuz it's emotionally tumultuous, and i don't mean emo.. his voice is angelic to say the least... AND- demand number 3, print these out before you listen to it :) http://www.antlersmusic.com/linernotes.pdf

secondly, i've got a few photos to upload tonight but they may be the last for a while- which is a shame cuz they're not good enough to keep you entertained while i take more and come back to this office.. but bahwell!

be back in a few

all the while we know we're fucked and not getting unfucked soon