Thursday, January 7, 2010

the woodford foto flood begins/blind dog donnie

so i've decided to split the random shots from the performers and then the performers are split up into each band! radddooo! so i hope you enjoy them, i had a freaking grand time although i should definitely have gone for a week, a full week is definitely in the pipeline for the 10/11... although as some of you may know, my 'pipeline' is more like a convoluted spiral of spontenaety and horrible failings in all things organisiational..

The first act we saw was this Brisbane blues band called Blind Dog Donnie, they play weekly at the Boundary I'm pretty sure- they were pretty good, I'm not super duper keen on blues but these guys were pretty good! definitely the second best vibe of the night...

BDD- donnie, james and crowd

BDD- donnie 2

BDD- joe beswick

BDD- james pryce-davies

BDD- james pryce-davies and joe beswick

BDD- joe beswick 2

BDD- james pryce-davies 2

BDD- donnie 1

BDD- joe beswick 3

bdd- donnie 3

Blind Dog Donnie - Guitar & Vocals
James Pryce-Davies - Guitar & Vocals
Joe Beswick - Bass Stick
Alex Smith - Drums