Monday, January 25, 2010


i still don't know how to use this word properly, unless you count 1 in 6 tries properly...

but to the point! this weekend has been rather freaking intense. I've shot soo many photos of such diverse groups of people and places. At this rate i'll be stuck at this pc for a few days, sieving through a stupid amount of photos but unfortunately i'm heading up the coast for 2 days, a laptop would be so handy!

this post contains shots for nightlife on friday, an amazing a.m. of activities on Saturday, ruby's surprise disney birthday party along with a lot of unrelated inbetweeners.






nightclub life small

Saturday creeps


rat bin


notice board

big tomb!

Ruby's Part-A

claire goon

oh so wise

jesus nic

goon and co

school red bat

sleeping fairy

there'll be more on each of these previews later down the track so if you're aroused interested