Wednesday, January 20, 2010


seen as i can't plan for shit, i'm hoping that tomorrow will be as glorious as I've been dreaming it to be, during the last 4 days of slaving. lots of shit to do, infact- making a list on here is probably the smartest thing i could do... unfortunately for living, there may be some sleepless nights this week for the sake of what should be possibly the funnest mornings, so far this year.

i don't really know what to talk about, all i know is i want to talk about something i don't really know anything about and right now the whole idea is confusing me pretty bad. something like drama? haha, except that shit is the worst.. no, the worst ever. i could talk about thermal dynamics but i'm pretty sure i've got that shit dialed to the point any household matter would be concerned.

all of this failing mental exploration is getting the better of my current state of mind. so, i could talk about this new toy i've got and how it's the best thing since abiogenesis/primordial soup (on the note of great things to do with soup and something that rhymes with primordial i just had a brain wave rivaling that of a pacific winter, therefore tying this nonsense back to my initial goal of talking about something i have no idea about.. maybe more on this later) back to my new toy, it's pretty good- as you could probably tell.. in a last ditch effort to keep you (if you're still wading through my mental filth) moderately interested, i'm not going to tell you what i got, but only give u clues... it's black, partially rubber partially metal, it only works when i hit it and it's a camera.

i need to get it serviced though, the shutter seems to be getting stuck at either the mirror open stage, or the full open stage.. not sure as i don't know what either possibilities look like and i'm too scared to burn my 12c slides. hopefully servicing is cheap but i fear it'll break the bank, not because of the work itself but moreso finding someone that'll fiddle with it.. i'm waiting on 4 rolls before i assess whether i will pursue this, but i'm pretty certain i'll be rolling with this fellow for a long time..

also, i didn't get into photog at griffith which is a bit lame. hopefully i can weasel my way in otherwise i'll be bridging at tafe or something along those lines, a bit shit... for once i want to learn about something, instead of being self taught and claiming i know about shit.

thanks to sam (the kid from work in the photo 2 below- showing his true colours)... i've been able to shoot again! this time i've scabbed a 35 f/2.8 from 1968(apparently) which, apart from 100% manual gayness it's working swimingly!

turtles and bird