Friday, January 15, 2010

sweet water, the communist daughter

as previously stated, I (benefactor) got a boxed r4 and a swagger of leitz' from my boss (way tooo generous) Gail. She is also insuring it all for me :D which is good, cuz the insurance is more than i earn in month.... i've pewpew'd 4 rolls in the last 24 awaken hours and to say the least, i'd use this camera 24-7 if i could afford the processing... but one must consider that, if i had that sort of money, i'd rather shoot digital, cuz digital digicks all over film (now from a photo quality or feel p.o.v but from a- hey i'm gonna hold my camera at full arms length with one hand and point my crosshaired led flash focus assist at a highlighted kid infront of a depthless and definitionless background and somehow expose and focus is perfectly....

i have also obtained a semi-operational, semi-wide (less than my current 80mms of sadness) for the digital thanks to sebbet (heart)

fingers crossed that glory is on the specials boards cuz i've got the taste for cheapened greatness and happy times..

post rant notes:
- i've got a shit load of fotes from the last few days
- i'm undecided as to whether i want to start putting up slides on here,i guess ill see how these new ones come out
-here are some more random woodford shots (i was planning on putting these all up at once, but i'd rather hope to achieve drip fed glory as to photo face melt glory... or any glory for that matter)

lake and fire twirlers

mmk and crowd!

fire twirlers

pyle at car
thanks dude