Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've realised that I'm in a constant state of intrigue towards life, all of the time, but i no way do i consider myself an intriguesman. I'm excited for life and the knowledge that i will be taking photos for what is left of it. Whether it transforms into something to feed my stomach or to fulfill my hunger for fun times, i don't mind- so long as I'm still able to shoot (anything). All I've got to worry about is scoring a sweet uni timetable, one that allows for maximum bliss mode.

here are some more photos from Vietnam. All were shot in Ho Chi Minh. My 'nam folder is a pretty nice resource to have.. If i'm ever anything other than extremely happy/content it's nice to know that i can confide in it's expansive walls of photo based comfort.





i strongly suggest listening to the song below, i got into this album (both parts, thanks to the glory bringing tom pyle) at the beginning of 2010 and I happily rate it as a fixed resident in my top 5 for the year.. It's a shame i didn't get into it at release, back in 08, because that's 2 years i wouldn't have wasted on other music.