Friday, March 4, 2011



i'd like more goals but i know that will ultimately lead to more failed goals, which aren't really a qualm, but I've got better things to think about/do. Namely create stuff of various mediums and longboard really fast and slideways- two avenues i wish to explore over the coming x amount of time.. somehow my uni timetable, which i initially thought was crap, is going to be very accommodating for pursuits of pleasure mode..

Also, I'm moving back in with the parents and i'm excited! I've managed to claim the dungeon to form a recluse of recreational pleasure and satisfaction. I'm very keen to set up some sort of darkroom (being a dungeon, it's very dark) as I'm so broke and I've got a score of rolls that are slowly chipping away at my rock solid state of sanity..... plus my boss has an enlarger :O bbbbliss.

PLUS! moving home will put me in the same house as ruby :D, she's a good dog.