Wednesday, March 23, 2011

you're my favourite day dream

these are the rest of the photos from the filmclip i went along to in the hinterlands 2 weeks back for The Belligerents. I got asked to shoot their show this weekend which should also be quite good, nothing in comparison to freedom in boundless forest, but I can concede that there's a good chance i will never be apart of something like that ever again.

I've been stuck in a repetitive rut of listening to the same song over and over and it's been great, definitely not the worst way to listen to music but I think it's up there in terms of worst-ness.... Thankfully I took action yesterday, in the form of a self imposed musical prohibition, I decided to not listen to it for a while and it worked! to a degree... I've now found myself in the exact same position with a different song :( but it's fine for now, this song is the glory and it's down the bottom.

this is going to be a big post! i need to make a video with stop motions of this day too :/ eye need mo taim.


Reuben Ross, Director.
























anyway when i get around to making the behind the scenes thing i'll upload it here, it will be a lerf!

The Belligerents are releasing a new ep and touring nationally as of this weekend and are playing at Woodland on Saturday, I believe there are cheap tickets out there but you have to look in places that I'm not sure of the location.

there are more photos on my flickr and the whole album is here

i recommend listening to this track