Friday, October 21, 2011

im cooked, too much stoke

having a pretty intriguing day.  I'm exhausted from minimal sleep and I got a new board so I've been spending my day at work (in part) skateboarding in the carpark, which to me screams beyond ideal, but I'm so tired and keep being sent away by some general intrigue.  In great news though I sold stuff last night at this show :D :D :D :D 

Ideally I'd be in a suspended in a ice cold pool, waiting for right moment to slink into bed and forget for 16 hours.  Help.

some more general film shots, I'm enjoying shooting film much more- the cameras feel so great and the viewfinders so pleasant.




heres the new board i got from work, i can ollie, standy casually and bomb (ideal)  It took some piccies to get people to buy more stuff, heres one and here are two more.


all time song, posted on here most likely more than anything else