Wednesday, October 5, 2011

excruciatingly ideal

I conclude that all is well.  I've been glorying as of late and it's been great but potentially too great in the long run as I need to start saving bulk cash for the next 12 months and this lifestyle does not accomodate for creating of bulk cash, only bulk smiles.   I feel that some sort of furious night job is in order, which combined with GT and BCH, will allow me to self-facilitate glorious travel and exploration.  I'm heading to Cunnumulla next week with Reub and co. for a short film which, at first, I thought I couldn't make but the only major problem about leaving would be missing a submission for uni but I can complete said submission right now, or right after this post, or right after this post and whatever other procrastination I deem necessary....

Monsieur Steve.

mr. steve

from the location near 'mulla,
ideally i'll shoot only film stills next week


choc based wig