Thursday, June 23, 2011


im currently writing this post hoping that my computer will read the camera that is plugged into it but it seems to be quite absent minded.  So now I've fixed the qualm and the photos are now transferring.  I shot some sport tonight and it was sick!!  nice location, nice friends, nice assistant (got pretty spoilt this evening) and nice photos.  my computer has crashed about 3 times now argh!!  So i'm finally at this sentence after much computer pain, I have this suppressed feeling that I should backup everything....

so down below are photos from this afternoon, gotta go to the coast to drop off boards tomorrow morning and its 3am.. tears? might motivate myself with an early morning bomb a big gold coast hill wooo.  I might upload the sports shots later but we'll see how I go first.






i closed the aperture mid-exposure and reopened upon realising that was a silly idea as you can see in the light trail.