Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i've lost my mind, i think.

i also need to sleep really badly and enter a level of uni work completing fury that i have not enter before.  there are three shots below from a film set of a few friends of mine, and it's for Tijuana Cartel.  The director was Reuben Ross, dp Will Zain, set design Joey Charlton and Jenna Westerink was also operating the glorious Red....  the other people i don't know who they are but they were also great.  I had a furious migraine at the time and was out of my mind on a concoction of numerous drugs (which will probably become apparent in the quality of the photos) but i still had a sweet time, it was good to forget about uni work.

Reuben the King.


Zain the Man.


This Guy the Dude.


potentially an all-time classic