Wednesday, September 21, 2011

planned to post

I started to write this post last night but got intercepted my tiredness and had to call it quits after writing some lame spiel about the big w fellow saying that my roll had twisted in the canister, normally this wouldn't qualm me but the guy who I gave the rolls to was pretty useless, he couldn't tell me the price per roll yet it was printed in large letters behind him so I fear that the fate of these photos was sealed not at the beginning but at the very end.  It's fine though as they were probably all crappy anyway and I shot lots of b+w and dig so its definitely fine.  I'm going to have to cave into the powers of modernity today by purchasing a new phone.  I've gone for a week without one and it's been quite nice (very nice) but the relentless tears from people trying to contact me is a ball breaker of the highest order which isn't their fault but the fault of society.  Which is also fine but has enforced my desire to adhere to a nomadic lifestyle.



and form that shot we move from shitty, shitty film on a 35mm point and shoot to a fancy digital