Thursday, September 1, 2011

its a sendoff

Today was a glorious day, I sent myself to the woods.
 Around 2pm, shortly after dealing with my tyre's indulgent act of phantom suicide, I went up to the mountains to find some hills..  Nothing seemed enjoyable so I forgot.  It was at the same time that I forgot that I remembered!  I remembered I was right where I was while ago (maybe a year), and having an equally furious good time.  I decided to set up base around my car and delve into the mountain scape at varying directions of intrigue.   I was a little bit qualmed after exploring some serious area of the Gc hinterland to find crap hills but its fine as I'll deal in it later tonight.  Probably right after finish this and run a singular errand.

I assume todays weather made for a good sunset, maybe one that decided to rearrange the lampshades.




stoke based


(not this afternoon)



this track has an ending you have to wait 13 minutes for but you can forget that, the first 5:41 is potentially the best part.