Friday, November 18, 2011

back to back backs

"I've got heaps of stuff to do tonight but my uncontrollable levels of stoke have forced me away from important work at this point in time and nothing can be done about it but rant myself into a stupidly content grin of stoke and joy.  2 pals and myself made the trek down south to a ridiculous skate hill, this hill is so good it would win the award for 'the best hill' and rightly so, it's so ridiculous that about 2/3 of the way through I'd be giggling in my helmet, frothing at the mouth and squealing at my shred-partner (consequently defining myself due to my full face helmet (of glory)) I shot some video and some stills but mostly skated as nothing could pull me away from that run for any extended period of time...  We camped with the most ridiculous views infront of a house owned by an obvious preachman who spends his days enjoying lungfulls of mountain-to-the-sea vistas but I think I just hit the wall!!  I didn't sleep much, probably skated for longer than I slept and came straight back to werk to do important werk stuff (which I didn't do and decided to do it tonight but I'm currently not doing it and must now do it)"  

I wrote this and then fell asleep when I tried to get work done, upon waking up I had forgotten it's existence and rediscovered just now so I'm finalising it's existence by releasing it upon the world.  These photos are from above trip