Thursday, November 3, 2011

introspective detective

I dont really think the title holds much weight apart from it sounding sweet and that I've got a great deal of love for self reflection, not necessarily in the post-mod sense (which i do thoroughly enjoy) but in the general wig sense.  There's a lot to my cognitive choo-choo that I don't get and it's nice because there are always things to discover that are good, bad or just generally intriguing.  I think this is why I love doing things by myself, especially photographing.  I love taking photos with myself because I can analyse my thoughts unboundedly and without interruption (not like a crazy person, well maybe a crazy person but either way it's fine) I get to consider why I photograph something the way I do, not why but why do I think I think thats why I do.  My great friend, upside down close-up black and white face man, has a book that I must get, or get him to get for me for my birthday as I want to be intriguing the 8th circuit on demand, that's right Tom, buy me this book for my birthday, it's in 22 days.

these are some portraits, some new, some that I'd left in strange folders and subsequently forgotten to post..


there he is!


if i recall correctly she was watching softcore porn




I'll let the cute puppy distract you from the poor framing


shot this on slide film (sensia 100 +81a) a while ago, its lovely film and there are another two that i like but can't find, when i do they'll be here for you to hopefully enjoy