Wednesday, July 6, 2011

forget this post

i wrote a lame rant, put in some photos a song and posted it.  I looked at what I'd done and it sucked.  Posting for the sake of posting is probably something I should forget.   I do it quite often too and it feels like something i've got to do when obviously it's not.  If i'm going to put misc random words together and play the forget card i may as well forget entirely but that would be silly!  So there we have it, a bad rant i wrote about a badder rant that i just ranted..  the thought just slipped into mind that if i deleted this rant, and ranted about the rant i deleted that was about a deleted rant i might have something resembling a good post.  I realised this was silly and im getting up in 5:45 and i still have a cold and what is feeling more and more like a broken rib, it could be torn somethings too but either way it's fine.




pop, deal with it.