Tuesday, July 12, 2011

old man where you been so long?

haha stoke eyes!  Eye wore them a lot today as I spent the day chasing adventures and fun times on both land and sea.  I went for a craft with 3 other chill seekers in the Maroochy river and had a post-picnic-on-deserted-island meander through and intricate web of riparian foliage and floodplain. I got to skate too (with a lift!!!) an extremely enjoyable hill in Buderim and got to test out the new board with a tree-covered 80km/h mountain road which meant I lost my marbles, as did a local policeman so we proceeded to chuckle about things like truck drivers, heart attack stricken old ladies and departed with "i'll call you and give you some pointers......"


work friends Mitch, Sam and Dylan




and a boat


and a song

and a skate pic as per the flare on the clip above..

sliced chadder

and a ;)