Wednesday, August 10, 2011

if melancholosity was a word i'd forget it

right now i feel like a delicious steak covered in gravy...  me being the steak and the gravy being a liquid strained from the hessian sack that is all things smile and stoke related, although I haven't skated at all, apart from this one time, for a while.   Don't feel like saying too much, I'd like to get through all of the Millions photos tonight but I got an assignment blah blah blah.  Maybe County Line is the source of my laziness as that song has powers over my brain, powers that aid sleep and intrigue..  I just changed it to this other song that is linked below and it makes me want to write more yay!  unfortunately the filmclip is sick so i'm forgetting you all, it's below if you want to remember.

these photos i took, among with many others, at the beach last night for an assignment plan.  Silly plan i hindsight as its probably an unwarranted amount of work but i was thinking about this on the drive home and i realised that is a very very silly thought, one which i'm about to forget right now.   ahhhhh, i'm excited for the future.