Monday, August 22, 2011

ahh what bliss

this is one of the first evenings in a very long time where I've been able to sit right here and do nothing and I recall why I missed it so much.  I found all of these old photos (thousands at guess) that I've never seen before on this terrible old external harddrive I don't use because its so very very bad.  Although it seems to operate a bit better on this here laptop which is great news!
They're all from around a year ago from what I can tell and mostly form the early parts of the James Street era (a few of which appear down below).  It's also cool because they're all from my d60 and some d80 stuff when I was hired it from BCH, what I find glorious is that image quality difference (between a d60 and a d700) isn't that huge when I put in the same amount of work, but epic gear is so motivating (and pleasurable to caress). 
I felt like over the last two days I've been suffering from severe overstokedness/general exhaustion but this afternoon and tonight I've been preaching base like it aint no taste.   It could be because I've been sitting here doing nothing and not doing any of the variety of things that I could've done but that's fine because I forget everything and remember nothing.

a little bit qualmed that I didn't stop my car to get this shot.






arguably the greatest filmclip ever