Friday, August 5, 2011

clearing space and preching base

f you're someone that reads what i write, which this will make you, you may have noticed that i've been preaching base, a lot of it.  I'd like to describe it to you but its immune to description, placing its self in a higher tier of communication.  But for the sake of trying i would describe it with 'base is to preach as glory is to that was'

i sense that in the near future you will be casting your eyes upon, reading and hopefully enjoying some black and white images from a day that's photos i didn't like because the colour of the sky.. It was blue but looked like eww so I forget about it and just then realised that in b+w, like raw, it doesn't really matter (when i complain about the sky i mean how it looked on my camera.. the sky itself was unassumingly beautiful to the point of surreal enjoyment.)  

All of these qualms that i speak of come down to tonight's failed efforts to clear space on my laptop.  I've got about 25-35 gb of stuff that i made at this filmclip and no where for it to go, I should start culling on camera as that seems quite productive.  Or perhaps look at the photos really fast and then get the video off..

photos from a strange place i explored a while ago, took lots of better shots that are probably up here somewhere.






probably don't listen to this song.