Sunday, August 14, 2011

it's a preach and a half

I just had one of those ridiculously glorious weekends that occur every now and then when everything works and your only qualm is the stamina of your smile muscles.  It was the height of chill-off. thanks Mister Matheson for the times, they were grand.

I'll look at the photos I took, not that many at all (probably no digital images of the chill times) but I got some cool photos for an assignment I'm doing, super casual.  

These are from a roll I shot a while ago for a band, called Speedlab, for an album cover which was nice.  We arrived, they jammed and we entered chill mode- it was great.  The shot and album art are down below, design by Tom Roche.

40710025 small

40710008 small

40710029 smll

speedlab album final

yeahhh preach.