Monday, August 1, 2011

gather round gather round.

It's come to my attention that recently I post, now for example, as a result of a rant that spontaneously bubbled up inside me and I come here to write it down.  It's around the same point in time as I put a title in that I try to figure out if I have anything on my laptop to upload and write about, resulting in distraction into the wee hours of the morning, I've gotta be up in 4 hours.  I don't keep many photos on here as I decided it would be smart to put all of the moving stuff I've shot over the last 50 weeks (since I purchased a d90) which was a good idea in that I have all of the vids in one folder but It cost me 70% of the laptops memory.

I also get very distracted and have developed the skill, probably through working in retail, to talk about nothing! and enjoy it :D






on cam vign