Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Angels are Real

i got this from wiki

It's true, just look at Spike Jonze.. Here's a spiel i wrote about him when i was bored at work, i didn't have time to post it cuz my boss was in close proximity.

"Possibly the best bit about 'Where the Wild Things' are is that its directed by the greatest skateboarding movie director of all time and possibly my favourite movie of any genre, be it comedy, cartoons or sport (Fully Flared)... he also helped with 'Being John Malkovich' and acted in 'Three Kings' all the while doing film clips for Sonic Youth, Ween, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Daft Punk to name a few. He's also the editor for Dirt magazine on top of being senior photographer for Transworld Skateboarding. He dated karen o and michelle williams but they clearly weren't rad enough to handle his ridiculously amounts of funking steeez... going through the emails here at work just now, i found that Girl skateboards (a company in which Spike co-owns) is running a range of 6 decks with WTWA graphics :O"

i can't wait for this one to be under me
(Girl Skateboards)

Frame Grab from the new one

Maurice Sendak 1963