Monday, November 2, 2009

heat miser

i wish i could pause time, that way i'd always be able to sleep in. i've been rather busy hence the deserted feel of this page, but i'm not sorry- you should be sorry.. why do i always have to take the photos?? if you send your shots i'll post them.

moving along, since that post on thursday i've surfed friday morning, worked friday, went and hung on some sweet floating pontoon out at the port, worked saturday, shot saturday night, worked sunday and then went through phots from saturday night.


i took the camcam across to sth straddie on friday morning! it was a tad stressful paddling with it in a bag and then stashing it on the beach while we got waves and then took turnsies shooting... i got rediculous sunburn too-- i owe my skin to the power of aloe

me again/shameless self promotion

gotta go to work so expect the rest later!
oh and i also shot a super rad band on thursday and i'll try and do those tonight!