Sunday, November 8, 2009


i wasn't sure what to title this, as there are so many nicknames for this place, i couldn't even get through half of them in this post if i tried... but no matter what i call it, it'll always be a hugely instrumental part in my life that has moulded me into who i am today, good and bad.. greatly due to the people i work with and, of course, my boss Gail Austen... if you've never met her, i'm not even going to try and explain her to you as she is one of the most individual and genuine person i've ever met... and an amazing business woman, although it might be hard to see. I'm not sure if it's her judge of character or the way she treats her workers because there is not an employee at the GT that i wouldn't want to hang out with. bar people know who i'm talking about hahaha.... so i thought i'd post some shots from the geetang over the past month here cuz i don't know what else to do with them!

train master gail

queue baywatch theme choon

lunchbreak shopping