Sunday, November 8, 2009


it's never been one of my strong points.. since i got my camcam i've been trying my best to keep some sort of order but my filling system, of random words strung together into names that have no relation to what the folder contains, is slowly getting out of hand. i should just date them or put numbers on them.. but it's not that simple! they're strewn out across four computers between here, my brothers (he got the job of holding onto my whole stash when my cmputer died) and 2 computers at the office. so i've decided on wednesday i'm gonna go buy an external to the tune of 500g and track down all my photos so that they can be together, once more.

but in regards to new photos i'm probably gonna do a lot of catching up this arvo so expect a few from all walks of random shit over the last few days!

p.s. national slurpee day was a painful success.. you'll see the photos and note-taking prowess, in scan form, of thomas pyle... i don't think the photos are very good though but i'm yet to look through them

these are shots that don't fit in with anything i wanted to post about tonight.. although, those muffins

i came here to avoid the rain and watch the storms along with the ghostly cabby and the beer drinking research-scientist