Monday, November 16, 2009

new layout

I wish i had tech wizardry skills. That way, right now i'd be doing photos- instead I'm waiting to for a 2nd trial version of photoshop to download so i can go along on my merry way. Although having a tech wiz bro helps, and then there's always google- the home to all wizards.

Like this kid! except he doesn't really live in google, or affiliate with google. But he did however, provide great written coverage of 7-11 day (but to be logical writing in a notepad doesn't demonstrate his tech wizardry skills as a sharpie is fairly untechnical.... but let me say you this, if he was a wizard and had to pick a wand from an every day object i have no doubts that his wand of choice would be a sharpie- as displayed below) as well as a being my helpful lighting technician- boasting skills unmatchable when it comes to operating my 7 dollar remote flash trigger, that is slowly destroying my hot shoe...

anyway! back on track, the way i've set it up it will allow me to display pics here at around 800px wide instead of the 440 that blogger uploads with. I'll be doing this by linking, ahref style, straight from my flickr (which will just be a place to host my blog pics) so if u click on it you won't get a bigger image, just a gay website. So this is post is pretty much what you should expect to see in the future, although (excuse my flickr rookieness) from now on the photos will be uploaded at 800 and not 540 like the one below) it will however, not be written in Blue.


by the way, 7-11 shots should be done by tonight as the download is at 44% and sorry for hyping them up so much- i just hope they are of a standard you were expecting!!