Thursday, November 26, 2009


so yesterday was my 20th bday! i had a great time considering the circumstances... i think i got through the day so easily because i was lucky enough to be surrounded by awesome friends from numerous walks! basically, i worked all day- went to tea (best fucking pad fucking thai fucking ever) at this nice hole-in-the-wall thai place and then went home, dropped the brotown off to his house, or should i say mine? and then headed douth to shoot the pearl jam... after party :( fuck it was lame! fulll of angry gen-x's thinking their top shit with their elwood tees and fancy leather shoes.. 1/4 people i shot thought i was charging!? D-BAGS! i then spent the next 7 hours under a street light until the sun came up. thanks to everyone!

in other exciting milestone-related goodness, my last post was my 100th! yay.... turns out that includes posts that haven't been published :[

also, im moving out! semi-milestone-ish... photos of house and shit up later

i'd like to upload photos from my bday now but i'm on capped internet and it really sucks- that, and i shot everything on film besides the PJ thing.. <3

so here's a photo thats completely unrelated.. its form the arvo of that ridiculous pink sunset! holy shit we're lucky to have such amazingly beautiful shit going on every day

lightning over afl