Thursday, November 5, 2009

summer is

summer is the worst season..
no waves
ridiculous temperatures
roof rack customers with black cars
sea ulcers

it's not even proper summer and the temperatures are getting way too high... while mean swell height gets way too low..
but thats enough bitching!

not much to say about the images to come, just a random bunch of shots from my travels over the last 2 days.. id'd hardly call work and home travelling but it'll do for blogs purpose sake. later tonight there'll probably be a few shots up from a house gig that went down last night.. not many as shooting was not the priority but it'll give you an idea :D

so i wrote that before the storm came and i decided to stash my car undercover somewhere as there was a huge hail storm.... thankyou for being so great at your job.
but i'm not cut, it got me out of the house and shooting which is always a plus..
again there was too much rain and cloud action combined with my rookie lightning skills but im happy with my improvements compared to last time ahahah....