Monday, March 22, 2010


living out of home is amazing! it's been a few months and it's been a few months of bliss.. but i'm torn between trading freedom of chilling around the house for chilling with cashmoneys. i mean, i don't even have a camera, and the financial department isn't giving me much room to move here- i'm riding on the depressville direct population probably quite a few people in my situation..

but being able to sit here, spamming the shit out of last blade 2 into the wee hours, among other things, is a pretty awesome thing.

it's tough haha.. i think the key to smiles may be unlocked by a credit card, whether it's temporary smiles or perma-smiles i can't predict, but either way- it'll mean a camera in my hand a smile on my dial. i'm also torn between buying a camera now or later as the best i can warrant spending the money on is the d90
(i think i will always be a nikon fan- do not ask why, i don't know the answer) except it's the oldest model in the range, therefore the next to be upgraded and knowing my luck with camera gear ( oh i broke my flash on the weekend :/ ) they'll upgrade it a week after i purchase one. maybe i should just stick to this trip35 and $4 rolls of crap film, in the end- if i had the money i'd probably shoot with this

bird in sunset

highway sunrise