Sunday, March 7, 2010

murphy you wanker!

quickly, what a tears bringer! i wrote this epic rant for this post and then firefox crashed after tom and i hit jackpot... diana campanella is an anomoli, in every sense of the word- it still doesn't quite make sense, not only is she an amzing painter [site here] but she is also a awesome dancer, make sure you go here... shes does 3 different version for that one song, it's also a song that die antwoord covered hahahaaaaa..

but here's what i wrote last night in a shortened and in a more-to-le-point kind of affair.

steve and i went for a spontaneous sunday afternoon south straddie surf yesterday. i was pretty keen to get wet but i didn't want to check the report as driving down dissapointed is not something i enjoy.. anyway, we rocked up- there was some wind and it looked pretty lumpy so i decided to not take that videocmaera thing i've been using.. and as luck would have it- i got the best waves of this year probably, bazzabzazzbazaa.. not a worry though cuz i got shaccked without the annoyance of the gopro..

but basically what i realised this weekend is how much i love drive by shooting.. popping frames left right and centered.... if you've ever driven with me you'd know what i'm talking about.. taking photos and driving with my knee is one of my most enjoyable pastimes, or pastkilometers......

so i thought i'd do a little dedicated drive-by post, but i'm always uploading drive-by's- they probably make up for 10-20% of my shots haha (that red monument/statue on the tugun bypass i posted a week or two ago is another example) all of these ones were shot over the last w/e with the fisheye....

p.s. i love taking the same photos over and over again

drive by 1

drive by 2

drive by 3

much love team awesome people! i may not be back for a while, i'm heading up the coast tonight for some fun times- working tomorrow and then driving down to byron for dino jr at the greatnorthern and then for a few days of waves down south of there.. should be bliss! plenny-o-fotes aswell.. take care <3